Workation in Andalusia:
Beat the loneliness of your office and join us at a workplace that rocks!

Co-Working Week
06th - 13th of March 2024

Twice a year, we invite solopreneurs and freelancers to work together at the Cortijo.

Within a very short time, something like a master group is created, in which various entrepreneurs work together in a beautiful environment and are highly motivated.

Creative exchange, joint brainstorming, fresh impulses, and flashes of inspiration sparkle everywhere. Working suddenly becomes fun again.

THE opportunity to breathe new life into your business with like-minded people! And of course, fun, and culture won’t be forgotten during your Workation in Andalusia 😉

With us, you will meet the right people so that you can finally stop treading water.

Mutual motivation, inspiration, and support guaranteed, and above all:

“We Get Things Done!”

I’m sure you know this too:

With all the day-to-day business, you rarely manage to devote yourself to the essential things. The things that drive your business forward.

As a solopreneur, you miss the dialogue with others.

Somehow you can’t come up with any truly creative ideas. The fire is out before it’s really lit.

(We understand that only too well. We also tend to see mountains of laundry in our everyday lives rather than the inspirational sea 😄!)

What if you could work on your new idea in peace — and at the same time have a number of supportive entrepreneurs around you, who you could ask for feedback at any time?

And finally manage to work ON your company and not IN it.

You get to know great female entrepreneurs who support you, and by
throwing balls at each other, you’ll steer well-worn neurones in new directions.

In the middle of nature and right by the sea,
far away from the stress of everyday life and constant distractions
everything is much easier in such an environment.
You step on the gas and the pace increases.

Workation in Andalusia – Here you can achieve in a week what would otherwise take you months

We also plan plenty of time out by the sea or hiking — after all, that’s where the best ideas come from
If you fancy yoga on the beach or similar activities — you’re very welcome!

This is the time to reposition ourselves and actively shape our future — or, to put it more simply: those who bury their heads in the sand today will grind their teeth tomorrow!

Hand in hand, off to new shores!

Look forward to an international community full of motivated self-employed people to motivate and encourage each other.

If you want, you can meet on the pool terrace in the evening for a glass of wine and talk. You can share ideas and maybe even create new ways of working together.

And when even the last workaholic has had enough, it’s off to dinner after a round of freshening up…

So! Stop fretting about all the things you've wanted to do for ages, but somehow just can't get round to doing in everyday life - together we can make much better progress!

This is included in the work-together week:

The following services are available for an extra charge

Your investment for a real breakthrough in your business:

Double Room


per Person / Night

Single Room


per Person / Night

Our dates for this unique experience?

We still have places available from 06/03 to 13/03/2024!

We offer special conditions for extra days. Please don’t hesitate to contact us!

Minimum number of participants: 7
Maximum number of participants: 14

Yes, I finally want to get out of my bubble and transform my ideas into reality!

All sounds tempting – but you still have a few open questions? Just drop us an email to, and we’ll get back to you within 24 hours.