Sightseeing in Andalusia:
Discover the Secrets Beyond the Tourist Trails

SIghtseeing Week
Autumn 2024

Well-known destinations in a foreign country are often a bit of a challenge. Either you’re lucky and the attraction is really worth seeing, or you’re unlucky and find yourself in front of a tourist attraction that’s nothing but noisy, flashy, expensive, and overrun with “influencers”.

We would rather not put you through the latter, which is why we have put together a very exclusive sightseeing week for our Cortijo El Sarmiento guests.


Our five personal highlights, which even after many years, haven’t lost any of their fascination, and which we always like to visit ourselves, as well as with friends and guests.

Andalusia as you have never experienced it before

It appears to be a commendable proposition, as our esteemed guests repeatedly affirm, as it eliminates any potential concerns. You arrive, we have made all the arrangements for you, and you can look forward to a relaxing stay in our small boutique hotel, Cortijo El Sarmiento with 5 wonderful Andalusian highlights.

The largest and most beautiful geode in the world

This includes the geode in Pulpí, the largest geode in the world. You descend into a cave full of crystals, and the blue light makes them sparkle in all colours and shapes. It’s a fascinating spectacle that lingers for a long time. There are also many interesting background stories about the people who used to work here.

The only desert in Europe

The second excursion is a jeep tour through the Tabernas Desert, the only desert in Europe. The history of its formation alone is worth a visit because where you are now driving over desert soil, there used to be nothing but — water. So the climate has already changed radically. In addition, you can also see a real tsunami.

Hiking through untouched nature and to the most famous bays.

Then it’s off to the amazingly beautiful Cabo de Gata Nature Park with wonderful hiking trails through untouched nature, small idyllic fishing villages, and some of the most famous beaches and bays in Spain. We will visit the most important monument of the nature park, as well as the largest gold mine. And we will also follow in the footsteps of Indiana Jones.

1000 years back in time in an old copper mine

Since history is not to be missed, we will visit Los Millares, an excavation site where a settlement from the Copper Age can be seen. It’s incredibly interesting, and if you’re all silent, you might suddenly feel like you’ve been transported back thousands of years.

Mojacar, the town is known by all Spaniards, even the Prime Minister likes to come for lunch

Of course, a visit to Mojácar is a must, considering that Mojácar is ranked among the 20 most beautiful white villages in Spain. We take you on a journey into the Moorish past, bring you back to the here and now with an emotional flamenco evening, and reveal the biggest secret of Mojácar — and that is really something unique 😉

All excursions take place in the morning. In the afternoon, you can go off on your own. Enjoy a hike or a bike ride, a visit to the beach, or just lie by the pool with a good book. Just enjoy the day, including a fantastic sundowner with us.

Sightseeing weeks at Cortijo El Sarmiento in Andalusia in detail
For all those who want to take photos of the real sights of Almeria.

Services included

*Massages and other holistic therapies can be booked in advance or on-site.

*All beverages besides the ones included in the meals are excluded.

Minimum number of participants 8
Maximum number of participants 14

Further travel information is not yet available. We are planning this trip for the first time for autumn 2024, so please be patient. If you don't have any patience and would like to be the first to be informed about this fantastic week, simply sign up for our waiting list without any obligation. That way, you won't miss out on any further updates.